The Bees Knees


The Bees Knees started as an Encaustic Paint (beeswax based paints for Artists) business in 2009 out of their home in Warkworth and has enjoyed helping many artists around the world fulfill their creative endeavours with their vibrant earth friendly colours and creative workshops.


As Jasmine's kids got older and she began packing lunches, she realized just how much waste they were producing on a daily basis. Encouraged to limit that they decided to make reusable waxwraps that her daughters could put in their lunches daily, keeping their apples crisp and white, their sandwiches fresh and their waste to a minimum! 


Having already a large supply of local beeswax, it felt like a perfect fit for their little business and eco-friendly hearts, and so was born The Bees Knees Waxwraps!  Helping others reduce their daily waste while keeping their lunches, casseroles, veggies, soups and so much more fresh and looking stylish in the process. 


The Bees Knees Waxwraps and Encaustics is currently located in Lakefield, Ontario.

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Order your favourite local goods for pick up or home delivery. Prices are the producers' prices, you just pay a small shopping fee of $5.


We want to help you feel engaged in our local economy by helping you get to know the small producers and artisans in our community.


We hope the Homegrown Hamper will become a meeting ground for people to share and learn from one another.