Sunday's Company

Melissa Condotta is owner/founder/maker at Sunday’s Company, based in Warkworth. Sunday’s Company is rooted in the idea of slow living… slow beauty. Botanical and herb-based skincare is created using the whole plant. As much as possible, the plants and herbs used in her products are harvested from her land or ethically gathered from the bountiful forests, meadows and properties in the community of Trent Hills, Ontario.

From Melissa: "Every aspect of these products are lovingly handmade. My hands are the heart and soul of my work. They harvest, they garble (strip the plants), they infuse, they shake and stir and pour. They strain the oil after 8 weeks of botanicals being infused. They turn that oil into medicine for your skin and soul.

I bottle, label and package each and every item. I am the portal in getting the Earth’s gifts into your hands. So that you can tend to yourself, be close with the plants- to feel how they become more than just an oil that you lay on your body. They are medicine. They are energy. They heal."


Check out her full catalogue on the Sunday's Company website!

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Whole-plant Earth Alchemy for Skin and Soul

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