Robin's Nest Farm


Coming from a long line of farmers on all sides of the family, John and Cathy Robinson, along with John's brother and sister, started farming in Meyersburg over 40 years ago. Now their daughter, Amanda Twigg, her husband Jonathan, and their kids Colby and Lyla, have taken on a more active role in the farm. They raise beef cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, and farm on a smaller scale in terms of herd size, which allows them to provide individualized care to their animals.

Their philosophy doesn't involve any of the latest buzz words; they simply believe in responsibly raised livestock. Their cows and calves are pasture raised and their feeder cattle are finished on corn because they feel that offers the best flavour of meat and is the best use of their resources. All of their land is either used for pasture or hay production. Their pigs are fed a diet of ground grains, as well as bakery waste from a local store. Who needs a composter when you have cute pigs that love to take care of the scraps? They use local abattoirs and feed companies, because they understand and appreciate the importance of supporting their community.

They love sharing their passion for farming and are happy to answer any questions you might have. You can check out their website at or email


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