Potatoes come in 1lb bags. $8 per bag  9 varieties


Austrian Crescent - Austrian Cresent is a large fingerling potato with deep yellow flesh. Delicious for salads and roasting, boiled or steamed. Large size-13-25cm. Very like Banana Fingerlings in flavour.


Red Chieftain - One of the best potatoes for fries. Also very good boiled.Oval tubers with bright red skin and white flesh. Moderately resistant to scab.


German Butterball - Unrivaled in creamy, buttery flavor and superb dense texture. Versatile variety that is excellent boiled, roasted or fried. Pale yellow skin and golden flesh. "Great mid-sized potatoes, a little waxier than dry, amazing roasted, a good boiler and one of our favorites.-


Maris Peer - Maris Peer’ is one of the most popualar potato cultivars.The tubers have a firm, creamy yellow flesh and have a superb flavour, but don’t disintegrate during cooking. It’s the perfect all-round potato, being ideal for boiling, mashing, roasting and frying. It  bears high yields and shows good disease resistance.


Lindzer Delekatess -Yellow skin and white flesh with a waxy texture like all fingerlings. A favourite of ours.  Good for boiling and potato salads. Plant  after danger of frost. To avoid diseases, plant where potatoes or related plants (tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants) have not grown for at least a year.


Red Thumb - Red Thumb potatoes have  marbled  pink flesh which is  creamy white, waxy and firm. When cooked, Red Thumb fingerling potatoes make excellent potato salad. great roasted A delicious fingerling


Estima - Estima has a pale yellow skin, with a firm, moist texture and mild flavour. It makes great mash and baked potatoes.


French Fingerling - Red skin and white flesh with a waxy texture like all fingerlings. A favourite among  fingerling lovers. Productive.


Gold Rush - Gold Rush is a our alternative to Russet for 2017. It has been a staple in many gardens for years. Gold Rush is an early maturing russet variety, great for boiling and baking.

Urban Harvest Seed Potatoes



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