You will want to put this delicious, sugar-free, keto-friendly spread on everything! Along with toast in the morning, you can use this drizzled over yogurt or your favourite desert. But please no blame when you’re caught eating it directly out of the jar (‘cause it will happen;)! 125ml for $8


Available in 2 flavours

  • Toasted Coconut -- Ingredients: coconut
  • Chocolate Almond Coconut -- Ingredients: coconut, cocoa powder, almond butter


Sans in French means ‘without’. Although this kitchen is certainly not without flavour or fun, it is without many things such as wheat, dairy, processed sugar and waste (or as little as possible).


Please return the jars with your next order for a discount on your next purchase! We will give you $1 per jar when you receive your order.

Sans Kitchen Coconut Butter



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