Never heard of Felted Soap? In a nutshell... it is soap and a loofah all in one! Ashley and Travis take locally sourced wool and wrap it around the soap. Then they put it through a process called felting, which essentially knits the wool together until it completely covers the soap. Price includes HST.


Lose the washcloth or synthetic loofah for a sustainable fiber with gentle natural exfoliating properties! Not only are these soaps beautiful, but they're useful. The wool helps get you the most life out of each bar. It prolongs the bars life, easily lasting a few months in the shower. Wool is naturally antibacterial, breathable & odor resistant so need to worry about mold or bacteria.


Another lovely benefit of the wool is the ability to produce a thick creamy lather. Slough off tired dead skin cells to reveal fresh new glowing skin, great in winter or after a summer of sun! These bars are perfect for children as well as the elderly who may have a challenging time holding onto a slippery bar of soap. Felted soap makes an unique and thoughtful beautiful gift, a must have for camping and backpacking. 


To prolong the life of your felted soap, keep it out of the water when not in use. Using a draining soap dish is always best so it has a chance to dry out. 


You can make your own custom gift basket from Rawdon Creek Soap for that next special gift -- order the products you would like and let us know!

Rawdon Creek Felted Soap



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