Do you love Lizzie's chili or curry entrees and want to try making them yourself? Our Lucky Stars spice blends are now available! From the flavours of Our Lucky Stars...


Chili Spice Mix is the taste of their hearty vegan chili- a blend of spices including dark Belgian cocoa  and  cinnamon. $6.50/ 100g

Masala Curry Spice Blend is their own ‘masala’ blend of many spices including cinnamon and cardamom. Sauté onions, garlic and ginger, add 1 tbsp or more of their spice mix, sautée, add tomatoes and this is the base of your own curry, beef, chicken, lamb, lentil or whatever you fancy! $6.50/100g

Our Lucky Stars Pantry Spice Blends

  • Locally Prepared by

    Our Lucky Stars Cafe and Coffee Roasters