Fleur en Lait, made with milk from Ayershire cows that graze on the same site where the Margaret Morris’ cheese factory is located, has a rich yellow colour and buttery texture. Made in the style of a Saint Paulin, Fleur en Lait is a semi soft cheese that is aged a maximum of five months. It has a bright orange, washed, edible rind and a sweet, fruity flavour with a rustic aroma. Fleur en Lait has an unparalleled smooth, close texture.  Approx. 180 g


Ontario Cheese Union is dedicated to the distribution of small batch, primarily farmstead dairy cheeses to a wider audience. Produced from the milk of cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo, every cheese is handpicked as one of the most delicious available from family owned, Ontario dairy farms.

Ontario Cheese Union - Fleur en Lait