Nauvoo, which means a beautiful place, is made from raw cow's milk and aged a minimum of 120 days. For those concerned, there are no longer any possible raw milk pathogens present in the cheese after a 60 day period and is CFIA approved. With a medium cheddar texture and a slightly open mouthfeel, the Nauvoo has a pleasing tang and a terroir finish.  Nauvoo appears to be the only Certified Organic, artisanal cheese made in Ontario and Bushgarden cows graze on organic grassland.  200 g.


Bushgarden Farm is a fifth-generation family farm located in the heart of the Rideau Lakes. It produces organic, raw-milk cheese by hand using milk from its herd of 20 Holstein and Brown Swiss Cows. Bushgarden’s farmer and cheesemaker, Nigel Smith, specializes in two cheeses: Pilgrimage, a Gouda-style cheese that is the first raw cow’s milk cheese produced in Ontario in decades; and Nauvoo, an aged cheddar-style raw-milk cheese.


Ontario Cheese Union is dedicated to the distribution of small batch, primarily farmstead dairy cheeses to a wider audience. Produced from the milk of cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo, every cheese is handpicked as one of the most delicious available from family owned, Ontario dairy farms.

Ontario Cheese Union - Nauvoo Organic Raw Milk Cheddar