Four year old clothbound cheddar is a rarity in Canadian dairy, with only three cow's milk varieties being produced in all of Canada. Glengarry's Iron Horse clothbound Cheddar has a drier, crumblier texture than a waxed or plastic-wrapped variety. Possessing a more complex flavour profile, it trends toward grassy close to the rind, and to caramel, fruity and earthy notes throughout.. Glengarry Fine Cheeses, Lancaster, ON. Approx. 165 g.


Ontario Cheese Union is dedicated to the distribution of small batch, primarily farmstead dairy cheeses to a wider audience. Produced from the milk of cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo, every cheese is handpicked as one of the most delicious available from family owned, Ontario dairy farms.

Ontario Cheese Union - Iron Horse Clothbound Cheddar