Healey Falls Bison Farm is part of the Ontario Artisanal Chicken program! Select artistal chicken cuts available at $5.50 - $6.25/lb -- we have listed an average price and your final price will be adjusted on Hamper Day depending on actual weight. All cuts have skin on, bone in.


Cuts available:

Breasts $6.25/lb high 2-3 + lb (2 breasts/pkg) (base price listed as 3 lbs for $18.75)


1/4’s $5.50/lb 3 + lb (2/pkg) (base price listed as 3 lbs for $16.50)


Thighs $5.50/lb 3 + lb (6/pkg) (base price listed as 3 lbs for $16.50)


Drumsticks $5.50/lb 2 + lb  (6/pkg) (base price listed as 2 lbs for $11)


If you would like to make a custom order to add to your Homegrown Hamper order, you can contact Wendelin or Allan at sales@healeyfallsbison.com


Healey Falls Artisanal Chicken - Cut