Garlic Sun is an ORGANIC handcrafted, small-batch sauce, dressing, dip & marinade. Free of dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, eggs, and nuts. * Vegan and keto friendly * and made of 100% organic ingredients. Unlike other dairy free dressings, Garlic Sun is creamy and succulent.

Comes in a 378 ml glass jar. Keep refrigerated.


*Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, soaked raw sunflower seeds, filtered water, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, black pepper, pink salt, fermented chickpeas, Dijon mustard


Garlic Sun Instructions 

* Shake/stir well before each use. 

* Keep refrigerated. It will become quite thick in the fridge. To have it return to a more pourable consistency, leave desired amount at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Alternately, for a quicker fix, you could add a wee bit of warm water, and whisk. 

*After opening, use within five to seven days, for optimal freshness and taste. If unopened, up to three weeks in the refrigerator. That being said, many customers keep unopened jars in the fridge, for two months (they stock up on jars). Use your own discretion. 

Garlic Sun Sauce•Dressing•Dip•Marinade