EXTRA OLD cheddar is available in two sizes and priced at $28.22/kg:

  • small -- $6.80 (approx. 240 g)
  • large -- $10.15 (approx. 360 g)


Price listed is based on this average weight and your final invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual weight. We will let you know your balance/credit before Hamper Day, which can be paid/reimbursed in cash when you receive your order.


EXTRA OLD cheddar comes in two varieties:

  • white
  • colour


Cheese prices are equal to Empire Cheese Factory Retail Store prices.


Don't see your favourite Empire Cheese in our catalogue? E-mail us at thehomegrownhamper@gmail.com to let us know what you are looking for -- we can make a special order for you!

Empire Cheddar Cheese - EXTRA OLD

Weight (approx)


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