Sausages come frozen with 4 in a package. Made with garlic and oregano grown at BraeLea Acres and sold for $14.50/lb (avg package is approx. 1 lb)


Prices may vary slightly according to weight and we will let you know your balance/credit which can be paid in cash when you receive your hamper.


Braelea Acres practices rotational pasturing, which means the sheep are constantly being moved to fresher, greener pastures -- the practice is more labour-intensive, but it results in much healthier animals!


If you would like a special cut of lamb not listed in our catalogue, you can call Rob or Hope to make a custom order to add to your Homegrown Hamper order. Call (705) 653-4240.

BraeLea Acres Lamb Sausages (4-pack)



Order your favourite local goods for pick up or home delivery. Prices are the producers' prices, you just pay a small shopping fee of $5.


We want to help you feel engaged in our local economy by helping you get to know some of the small producers and artisans in our community.


We hope the Homegrown Hamper will become a meeting ground for people to share and learn from one another.