Comes frozen with 4 patties to a package. Available as 4 oz and 6 oz patties.


Bison meat is similar to beef but richer and sweeter tasting. It is a very healthy protein source, very low in fat, calories and cholesterol, but very high in iron.


Bison is a bright royal red colour prior to cooking. Due to the low fat content, you need to cook bison slowly and at a low heat to ensure ultimate tenderness (e.g. medium heat on a BBQ / stove top or 275 degrees in the oven).


Visit their website to see their full catalogue. If you would like to make a custom order to add to your Homegrown Hamper order, you can contact Wendelin or Allan at Healey Falls Bison Farm at

Healey Falls Bison Burgers (4-pack)



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