Jude developed Barrier Cream 20 years ago in response to the extremely dry skin being experienced by her and by caregivers in her acquaintance. The blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and a splash of Lanolin is what makes this cream so effective. The Lanolin in Barrier Cream puts a layer of protection on your skin that will persists beyond a handwashing or two. Apply sparingly to very dry skin whenever needed and enjoy a lasting moisturizing. Unscented - with the natural scent of the Shea Butter.


Hazelnut & Cacao is Jude's richest moisturizer. With its blend of Roasted Hazelnut Oil and Raw Cocoa Butter, it provides a superior level of moisturizing and smells great. Use Hazelnut & Cacao anywhere you need deep moisturizing. Leaves your skin hydrated without that greasy feeling of many heavy moisturizers.

Back Room Farm Protective Hand Creams

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