This Hamper, save $2 off small, $4 off Large, $3 off Mixed wraps!


Wax Wrap is an environmentally and socially responsible alternative to plastic wrap. Made with a 100% Organic and Fair Trade cotton (in a project so successful that it became unnecessary when the weavers' children got an opportunity to go to school and get a solid start in life). Wax Wrap is washable with cold water and dish soap and reuseable many, many times. Only certified organic Canadian beeswax is used to make Wax Wrap; there are no oils that will go rancid with time.

Wax Wrap comes in packs of three in 3 sizes; Small (~8"x8"), Medium (~10"x10" - sold out), Large (~12"x12"), and in a handy Mixed pack that lets you figure out what size will work best in your home. Patterns and colours vary.
Small $14
Large $27 
Mixed $18

Back Room Farm Wax Wraps (set of 3)



Order your favourite local goods for pick up or home delivery. Prices are the producers' prices, you just pay a small shopping fee of $5.


We want to help you feel engaged in our local economy by helping you get to know the small producers and artisans in our community.


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