Having trouble finding ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet? Love the idea of adding leafy greens to your morning smoothie but lack the equipment needed? Try adding powdered kale instead. Low-temperature dried and organically grown powdered kale is easy to add to just about any food. A heaping teaspoonful is equal to a large leaf of kale and contains all of the nutrients and fibre found in fresh kale - the only thing removed is the water.


Refrigerate powdered kale in a sealed container to maintain it at peak freshness and consume within a few months for optimal vitamin content. 


Available in a 125mL jar or bag with 30g of powdered kale (equal to about 2 bunches of fresh of kale) for $8. Or in a larger 70g jar or bag (equal to about 5 bunches of kale) for $15.

Back Room Farm Powdered Kale