Tired of the waste that her disposable cat toys became eventually (even though they are fully compostable), Jude decided to make a new version. Now, made with sturdier 100% cotton fabric and fitted with a velcro closure, these Refillable Catnip Toys will have your feline friends ecstatic again and again before they eventually wear-out. Refillable many, many times and sold with a bag of catnip that will fill the prey-sized toy at least 5x, these toys are guaranteed to enthrall your kitties.....every toy cones with a money-back guarantee; if a Back Room Farm Refillable Catnip Toy fails to entertain your cat, Jude will refund your money AND make a donation to an animal charity. Unfortunately, now, to compost the toy when your cat has rendered it unrefillable, you must now cut the velcro closure out of it. Available for $7.50 for a toy with 5 refills.

Back Room Farm Organic Catnip Toy (comes with 5 refills!)