East Timor Dark Roast in a 150g vacuum sealed bag for $6. Available ground or whole bean.


East Timor, an island nation in South Asia, is an emerging coffee economy. Formerly a colonized nation, East Timor emerged from civil war in the early 2000's and it's coffee plantations were established in the higher elevations. Coffee has done well in the climate of East Timor and the result is this fine example. Despite roasting to a dark, this coffee retains much of the subtlety that is often lost in a longer roast. Available while it lasts. $6/150g or $18/lb.


Every Hamper, Jude reaches deep into her stash of rare and unusual green coffee beans to bring delicious oddities like wild-harvested coffee, unusual processes, and a little bit of information about origin or geo-politics; together which become the Special Reserve. Special Reserve coffees are an opportunity to try some of Jude's favorites too - coffees too good to miss. Special Reserve coffees may only ever appear ONCE depending on the availability of beans; in some cases, Jude has been able to source as little as 2lbs of any particular coffee. 


For the more common, but still special coffees, Jude is able to take Custom Roasting orders. Order by Saturday before the Hamper and Jude can include it with your Hamper order. The Special Reserve listing will always say if a coffee is available for Custom Roasting and its per lb price. Email Jude at backroomfarm@gmail.com for more information.

Back Room Farm Special Reserve Coffee