Each month, Jude is offering a "special reserve" coffee blend of rare and unusual beans. 


Peruvian Yellow Honey: Yellow Honey coffee is processed in a different way from most coffees - a process that came about as a result of a severe drought in Costa Rica a decade and a half ago. It limited the amount of water that farmers could use to wash their coffee. So instead of washing off the gooey, sweet, and caffeine-packed, muscilage, the bean were dried within it. This process, somewhat similar to "natural" processed coffee, results in a sweet, almost fermented, ripe-fruit flavored, delight in a cup. This method of drying has been copied around the world with some impressive results. This hamper, enjoy cooperatively grown FTO Peruvian Yellow Honey while it lasts for only $4.50/100g (reg $24/lb).
Supply is limited by Jude's ability to roast in volume - order early to avoid disappoontment. So that Jude can bring you her freshest possible coffee, she needs orders in by NOON on Monday when Hamper orders are due. If you would like to order a different blend of coffee, you must place your custom order by the Saturday before orders are due.

Back Room Farm Special Reserve Coffee



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