With the change in the weather, these little dwarf pea plants are ready to go outdoors. The appearance of the hungry pollinators over the next few days, will fertilize these small but mighty pea plants (~5/ pot)and they are sure to produce a small crop of snow, snap, or shelling peas in a couple of weeks. They can go in your garden by simply cutting the bag, removing the intact root-ball, and transplanting to a larger container or straight into your garden bed. These peas will only grow 18" tall but will produce a generous crop if helped along with some ½ strength fertilizer every 2 weeks.


Peas are a great way to start to reclaim soil that is marginal or underproductive. Peas have nodules on their roots that help to add nitrogen to the soil. Try growing a crop of late greens when the pea plants have died-off in the heat of the summer - the added nitrogen from the peas will give you a better harvest of greens.


Available in limited numbers and while they last.

Back Room Farm Dwarf Pea Plant



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