Persnickety pANTRY


Andrea Haight created the Persnickety Pantry because she is without a doubt food obsessed! Andrea grew up in Port Hope, and as both of her parents worked full time, nutritious home cooked meals were mostly a weekend ordeal. She started preparing meals for her family, eagerly awaiting their critique. She would rifle through her mother's recipe cards handed down by her mother. By the time she was in her 20s the cards were barely legible, but it didn't matter because by then she had memorized each and every one. She feels most at home in the kitchen. Creating with food makes her feel whole. She has lived in Campbellford for 7 years now and is overwhelmed with the amount of support this community has for local farmers, restaurant owners, grocers, artists and other independent business owners. She strives to buy only local, organic produce for all of her pickled goods. Her hope is to bring some flavourful nostalgia, and memories of Grandma's recipes to our community's family dinner tables. Andrea's Grandmother and mother have both passed, but their recipes live on through the Persnickety Pantry!


Pickled preserves for a healthy gut

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