Our Producers

Meet our producers! You'll find pastured meats, seasonal veggies and fruit, honey and maple syrup, jams and preserves, home-baked breads and desserts,
natural skin care products and handcrafted, eco-friendly gift ideas! We hope you'll have a chance to meet these wonderful folks in person!

Visit their farm or studio, check out their webpages and look for them at our local farmers markets!

Click on the quick link list name or photo to learn more about each producer and their products.

* Black Tractor Farms * BraeLea Acres *  Brambleberry Farm *
Centre & Main Chocolate Co. * Church-Key Brewing * Cross Wind Farm *  Empire Cheese * 
4 Acres Hydroponics  * Indigenous Pet Treats * Knuckle Down Farm *  Log Cabin Sewing Studio *  LoonSong Farm  Maple Rock Farm *  Mill Creek Naturals *  Off the Cliff * Ontario Cheese Union *  Our Lucky Stars Café & Roastery *  Pizza by the Bakery *  Porcupine Creek Farm *  

Robin's Nest Farm *  Russett Farms *  Sans Kitchen * Simpson Eco Farms *  
Smoking Ron's Rauchhaus  *SPADE & SPOON  *Springbrook FArm *  St. Ambrose Honey * 
*THE YOUNG HERBALISTUrban Harvest * Vanilla Valley Bakery * Wildflower Bakery*

* Zero Waste Store *