No Grainer cover cake 15 small (396x612)

No Grainer Baker

Ann was moving towards eating healthy due to health concerns. When she experimented with a grain-free diet she found improvements within weeks. An avid baker, she decided to come up with her own recipes and when she found success, she decided to share them with others in her cookbook, "The No Grainer Baker." She has sold over 5,000 copies of the book over the last 7 years. The biggest reward for Ann is when people contact her to say how delicious the recipes are, with the added bonus that they are healthy as well!

As so many people are leading busy lives, Ann decided to branch out and begin offering her recipes in pre-made mixes. She hopes these mixes will allow many more people to enjoy tasty grain-free baked goods!


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Grain-free Baking Mixes and crackers

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