LoonSong Farm


Paul Salanki and Heather Thoma started LoonSong Farm in 2003 on Manitoulin Island in northern Ontario, growing produce with a market garden and CSA.  In 2008 they started growing grains and milling, to use their skills and fill a need that didn’t seem to be met at a regional scale.

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In 2017 Heather and Paul moved their farming to Northumberland County and live near Centreton.  They collaborate with several landowners across Northumberland, to lease land for growing their certified organic grains.  They are well-known for their high quality rolled oats and stone-ground flours.  (LoonSong products include oats, wheat, spelt, rye, dry beans, and starting in 2020, barley as well.)  All of LoonSong’s farming uses organic and biodynamic practices, supporting both the health of the land and the health of the farmer.  You will love the texture and flavor of LoonSong flours and fresh oats!


Heather and Paul love helping raise awareness about the importance of community connections to food growing and food processing at a local and regional scale, and are excited to be part of Homegrown Hamper! 


Check their website for more information.  www.loonsong.net

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Rolled Oats and Stone-ground Flours

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