BraeLea Acres

Rob and Hope Herfst love eating good healthy food so they decided to grow their own. They  loved doing it so much that they decided to buy a farm, grow lots more, and share their joy! They started with organic vegetables of every kind and quickly added sheep to the farm. With their four children, they produce organic fruits and veggies, chicken, eggs and grass fed lamb.

Braelea Acres practices rotational pasturing, which means the sheep are constantly being moved to fresher, greener pastures -- the practice is more labour-intensive, but it results in much healthier animals!

You can meet the Herfst family at the Campbellford Farmers Market. They also have a stand open all summer at their farm where they sell their produce and lamb, as well as organic eggs and chicken.


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Organic Fruits & Veggies and Grass fed Lamb

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